Gear Works

Copyright: © 1992 Hollyware
Genre: Puzzle games

Puzzle games

Gear Works
Gear Works is a decent puzzle game that may appeal to fans of Incredible
Machine series. The objective is to place given different-sized gears on
pegs to construct a gear train that continue from the left side of the
screen to the right. Since you are given gears at random, often the
current gear you have cannot fit into the chain you are building (e.g. it
might be either too large or too small). You are therefore forced to
place it on some other far away peg. This means that the game becomes
difficult quite quickly as the screen becomes filled with unused gears
that aren't connected to anything. Fortunately, you have several tools to
help solve the problem, such as bombs to blow up unneeded gears. These
tools are limited to only a few per level, though. Overall, Gear Works is
a rather neat game, although not very intuitive. The lack of variety also
hurts long-term play value, as there are few new pieces and gameplay
elements to add variety. It's just gears, gears, and gears all the way.
Worth a look for puzzle lovers or anyone interested in invention-building
games, although it's nothing special.

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