Geekwad Games Of The Galaxy

Copyright: © 1993 Tsunami Games
Genre: Sports

Geekwad Games of The Galaxy
Geekwad Games of The Galaxy is a collection of outrageous arcade games
that parody well-known computer games. Unfortunately, gameplay doesn't
quite live up to the game's parody value, although there are some great
sound effects and creative twists. To its credit, the game does have a
wacky plot to tie everything together: King Wacky of the Wacky Funsters
empire has been captured and put in a rigged jar, and it's up to you
(yes, you, the geek) to free him. You do this by beating evil Cybergeek's
high scores in each of the five games, after which you will receive
portion fo the secret code that will disarm the bomb. Each game is hosted
by-- surprise!-- parodies of real-life celebrities, such as Buzz (Aldrin)
and Isaac (Asimov). You can learn the rules of each game by talking to
each host, as well as answer trivia to gain hints on how to free the king
(it's more complicated than getting the secret code). The games
themselves are a mixed bag. Phlemmings and Beefender are only fun for a
short while before becoming atrociously repetitive. Earth Last is a bit
better due to better control scheme, and many new enemy types for each
level (it's a side-scrolling shooter). The best games of the pack are
Space Solicitors, a fun Space Invaders clone, and Grogger, a good Frogger
with a lot of new twists. There's also Wobbie's Trivia, a decent trivia
game with some interesting questions. Overall, Geekwad should please
anyone who wants something a little different, although it's by no means
a classic. Only the truly patient action fans will persevere through the
indeterminably long levels to see the ending sequence.

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