Copyright: © 1990 Coktel Vision
Genre: Adventure

In one of the most unique and controversial plots I've ever seen, you
play an undercover agent who disguises herself as a futuristic geisha to
steal secrets from seedy characters. Puzzles are as weird as you can get,
with many arcade sequences that are obvious metaphors of carnal acts. The
game is extremely difficult due to the fact that it is not always obvious
which item you can pick up, and the puzzles require very warped mind that
most gamers don't have. Worse, you can get irrevocably stuck if you
forget to pick up or use certain items in previous scenes, making it a
tiresome save-and-restore affair. Nevertheless, the game's high
originality and wacky plot might interest some gamers, especially those
who like mature-themed games (although the erotic scenes are pretty mild).

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