Grand Slam Bridge

Copyright: © 1986 Cybron Corporation
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Grand Slam Bridge
One of the earliest bridge games for PC, Cybron's Grand Slam Bridge is an
excellent game that set new standards in the genre-- all with only ASCII
characters. The game offers plenty of options and is fairly easy to
follow. For example, those who want to work on exclusively their bidding
can allow the computer to play out each hand, racing through the tricks
in a matter of seconds. It does not have a tutorial for those unfamiliar
with the game, but it is a simple yet fun diversion for those who would
like to run through a quick game or two. While it may lack the flash of
more recent bridge releases, Grand Slam Bridge is nonetheless an
excellent PC bridge game that remains fun even to this day, although you
should check out the sequel Grand Slam Bridge II instead for a more
graphically pleasing game with stronger AI.

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