Great Escape The

Copyright: © 1986 Ocean
Genre: Adventure

Great Escape, The
Review 1:
The Great Escape from Ocean is definitely one of the best adventures and
one of the best games for Commodore 64. It puts You in role of World War
2 prisoner of war, a guy imprisoned in German concentration camp and in
desperate search of escape. During the game You have to search for items
and use them on the right places, attend roll calls, exercise and do all
the boring stuff if You don't want to get caught and sneak around the
camp during the night and arrange everything for a perfect escape. The
Great Escape is a game that You simply can't miss. It has everything to
keep You glued for some time and if You complete it You will feel sorry
that it never had a sequel.

Review 2:

One of the most gripping "realistic" adventures ever produced, The Great
Escape puts you in the role of a World War II pilot who is captured by
the Germans and must --what else?-- escape from the prison. The puzzles
are standard find-everything-that-isn't-nailed-down affair, but there are
may scripted events and characters you must take advantage of. For
example, figuring out the daily routine of prison life and the guards'
patrol routes are essential to plotting your escape. Puzzles are obvious
(e.g. se poison on guard dog), but the truly affective adrenaline rush
you'll feel when implementing your plan is the best thing about this
game. Overall, it's a fun but forgotten classic, and the graphics was
good for its time.

Review 3:

It's an isometric game in all its 1980's glory. Looking awful like so
many Ultimate games like Alien8, you'd be forgiven for thinking your PC
has turned into a Spectrum. Well it's quite a good game. You have to
assemble all the parts of your escape kit, beit disguises, wirecutters or
whatever. There's a regular routine at the camp like roll call and meals
and you must be present whenever the prisoners are checked, so you have
to be sneaky to get anything done. Once you have everything you need for
your escape, it's time to go! Well the graphics suck, but in a retro way,
so that makes them alright. The sound is internal speaker only (yike).
And it has a tendency to crash the sound routines on exit so your speaker
will burble away until a reboot. But on the whole it's quite an enjoyable
game although you probably won't play it more than once. Review 4: As a
POW you have to escape from a German camp. The difficulty of the game is
that you have to attend the daily rules of the camp. And figure out some
holes in the time-schedule. Find keys in forbidden rooms, learn the
guard's routes, etc. If you get caught to many times, your will to escape
has gone and the game is over.

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