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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Gremlins is a fun and very rare PC version of ATARI's action classic for
on its 5200 console. Aside from being one of ATARI's early classics, the
game also deserves mention as one of the first good adaptations from a
hit movie. Your goal in the game is the same as that of the main
character in the movie: prevent the cute Mogwais from getting wet and
multiplying, and above all else, don't let them eat anything, because
it's after 11PM. To do this, you collect one Mogwai at a time and lock it
up in the cage. Unfortunately, a few Mogwais have already turned into
ugly Gremlins, so you must kill them with your trusty sword. If you
become surrounded, you can stun the gremlins with flash cubes. You can
also turn on the TV to freeze Mogwais and Gremlins in their tracks
(probably because they canít stand watching Baywatch XXVI too many
times). It may sound easy enough... until you realize how much your task
is complicated by your idiot father's stupid scientific inventions that
get in your way, just like in the movie. He's got the fridge firing ice
cubes out. Ice melts into water puddles - and if you've seen the movie,
you'll know that Mogwais or Gremlins and water donít mix. Even worse is
dad's lidless popcorn popper, which dutifully fills the room with popcorn
when turned on. Since it's after 11PM already, I don't need to tell you
why this is bad. Of course, the Gremlins and Mogwais love to turn on the
popcorn maker, and neither can resist the urge for a midnight snack. A
Gremlin might even open up the fridge and start tossing out food to his
friends! And you also canít stray too far from the Mogwai cage, lest a
Gremlin break them out. If this sounds like itís a complicated game,
thatís because it is. Fortunately, the controls are very easy to learn
and master, and the game plays beautifully. The 4-color CGA graphics in
this PC version is a step backward from the superior graphics in the 5200
version, but they are still very detailed, with smooth animations that
bring the Mogwaisí lovable and the Gremlinsí troublesome antics to life.
Definitely one of the best arcade games youíll ever come across. A
must-play for all action fans.

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