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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

This simulation of the Apache AH-64A attack helicopter was one of the
first helicopter sims to appear in the PC games market, and still remains
one of the most fun to play. Taking the role of the pilot, you'll be
flying missions in five different areas, from the US Training Camps to
East Europe. All five areas are similar in terrain - i.e. low hills - but
feature different kinds and density of enemy units. For novice pilots,
the option to reduce difficulty settings is given, and hard-core vets can
fly extra hazardous duty missions - a usually suicidal task, by the way.
You have the option to customize your craft's loadout, adjusting fuel,
gun ammo, rockets and guided missiles according to your missions. The
missions themselves involve flying around the game world to your various
targets, dodging enemy ground fire along the way, and (if you're like me)
engaging targets of opportunity. If you're lucky you might come up
against an enemy chopper or two as well, but you'll usually be up against
ground units. At high levels of difficulty,your craft may get forced down
- it just might be field repairable, though, so you may hobble to a
repair pad. Your craft has quite respectable teeth, though: the
underslung short-range gatling gun is deadly against almost all targets,
the unguided rocket pods are excellent against soft targets, while your
Hellfire guided missiles are sure to eliminate any tanks at stand-off
range. Generally the game is very playable and fast-paced, and I still
fondly remember flying around at 20 feet from hill to hill, dodging enemy
AA fire and inching in to my objective. One of the all-time greats,
Gunship is highly recommended.

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