Hardball III

Copyright: © 1992 Accolade
Genre: Sports

Hardball III
Review 1:
The third game in Accolade's famous baseball series, Hardball III was the
first baseball game developed by Canadian company MindSpan for Accolade.
The leap between Hardball II and this game is even much bigger than the
one from Hardball to Hardball II. In addition to upgrading the graphics
from EGA to 256-color VGA, MindSpain improved every aspect of gameplay
and added a few new features, most notably coaching options. Fluid player
animations, dozens of teams to choose from, solid user interface, and
even authentic ballparks and crowd jeers and cheers-- it just doesn't get
much better than this. Oh, and did I mention Al Michaels biting his
tongue in the game? ;) Adding the famous commentator adds much to already
fun atmosphere, and makes it that much more enjoyable to score a home
run. Overall, one of the best baseball games ever made, bar none. Those
who enjoy realistic statistics should stick to Earl Weaver Baseball 2,
but it you're looking for a gorgeous-looking, action-packed baseball
game, it doesn't get better than Hardball III. Also, check out its SVGA
successor Hardball IV if you prefer even better graphics.

Review 2:

Nice baseball game. Lots of options to fumble with. Fun voice who follows
you all the game :). Good graphics and very fun to play.

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