Heart Of China

Copyright: © 1991 Sierra Online
Genre: Adventure

Heart of China
Heart of China is an excellent and most cinematic of the adventure game
trio designed by Dynamix' Jeff Tunnell (the other two being Rise of the
Dragon and Adventures of Willy Beamish). Set in the exotic Orient in
1940's, you are pilot/mercenary/wannabe romancer Jake Master who are
hired by beautiful nurse Kate's father to rescue her from the clutches of
a powerful Chinese warlord. What makes this game so riveting and
revolutionary (though sadly almost noone noticed it) is the true
replayability that was often mere lip-service in other games: while the
game is linear in a sense that you must do A before B and so on, Jake has
a... escape sequence, using a 3D engine that was obviously taken directly
from Damon Slye's simulations. The dexterity-impaired adventurers (like
this reviewer) will be relieved to hear that the game, like its
predecessor Rise of the Dragon, mercifully awards you a win of the
sequence after a number of failures, so you can get on with the game and
Jake's future escapades.

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