Copyright: © 1991 Avalon Interactive
Genre: Adventure

Review 1:
Heimdall 1 is a rather unique and special game. Its a mixture between an
adventure, puzzle and roleplay games as several aspects of each genre is
included. You start the game by choosing each viking you want to control.
Of course each one of then got their own skills. Once you start the game
you can travel to many different islands and each of them offers many
puzzles and other challenges like enemy vikings etc. The graphics are
rather good and very cartoonish which does make some of the characters
very well designed. Overall a rather good game.

Review 2:

A fun isometric action/adventure hybrid from The 8th Day and Core Design,
starring Heimdall the Norse hero. Your goal is to lead Heimdall and his
band of warriors on comical adventures through Scandinavia as they
attempt to recover the weapons of the Gods before mischievous god Loki
can bring about the end of the world. The game is presented in bright,
cartoony style with a lot of amusing antics and cutscenes. In addition to
traditional puzzle-solving, the highlight of Heimdall are three fun
arcade-style mini-games scattered throughout the game that are pretty
imaginative. The first game, for example, takes place in a bar after our
hero has gotten himself inebriated. In a variation to knife throwing,
your job is to cut off the barmaids’ pigtails by throwing axes
(apparently Heimdall is very drunk indeed). The second and third games
are equally imaginative, and discovering them in the game is a pleasant
surprise (one hint: they involve other Vikings, pigs, and gold – draw
your own conclusions ;)). The cartoony style of Heimdall and
simplistic-yet-fun gameplay makes the game ideal for adventure game
beginners, or anyone looking for a “light” game with a decent plot that
won’t take long to finish. The game’s relative brevity is a bit
disappointing, although the designers more than make up for that with the
substantially longer Heimdall II. Well worth a look.

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