High Seas Trader

Copyright: © 1995 Impressions
Genre: Simulations


High Seas Trader
Review 1:
Remember Pirates? Well, High Seas Trader is a bit like the Microprose
classic but more oriented to trade and less to action. It will take You a
lot of time to beat some of the game's parts (like combat and navigation)
but as soon as You figure it out You will enjoy in this, rather complex
game. An interesting mix of trade and combat.

Review 2:

If you are a fan of Pirates High Seas Trader is almost for sure a game
you will enjoy unless you only enjoyed the battles, plundering and
fighting in Pirates. This is because High Seas Trader is mostly focused
on the actual trading business on the high seas. There are several
similarities between the two games though. You can hire additional crew
in the tavern such as sailors and soldiers, visit the bank, buy and sell
ships, repair ships, go to your cabin to get the latest status of your
economy and crew and of course buy and sell goods which is the main point
in the game. This part of the game is fairly detailed and there are many
different goods that can be traded and the economic system is fairly good
and realistic. The actual game start also reminds of Pirates as you have
to select name and origin. There are no special skills to select from
which is the result of that trading is the main part of the game and your
actual career isn't as important in High Seas Trader than in Pirates. The
graphics are well done with a lot of details when you are spending time
in the cities. When you sail around there is a good overview of
navigation, canons etc. and when you are getting closer to land the
landscape is getting larger as well. High Seas Trader is another quality
game from Impressions and like their other game Caesar Impressions have
managed to create a great game based on another game but make it
different enough to offer new challenges and additional gameplay without
making it look like a copy of the original game.

Review 3:

A solid "high seas" strategy game that falls far short of Sid Meier's
classic Pirates! in terms of overall content and scope, but is actually
better if one considers it strictly as a *trading* game and not a
sprawling, swashbuckling adventure that Pirates! is. Trading in High Seas
Trader is based on a reasonable economic model, and the 3D perspective
when sailing is enjoyable.

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