Hollywood Hijinx

Copyright: © 1986 Infocom
Genre: Adventure

Hollywood Hijinx
Matthew Murray's review says it all about this fun, "light" adventure
game from Infocom: "Though it could be viewed as simply another treasure
hunt game from Infocom, Hollywood Hijinx stood out from the others, such
as the Zork series in very distinct ways, not the least of which is the
interesting, funny, and clearly-defined plot. Taking place in the mansion
of a Hollywood B-movie mogul, the treasure hunt, which should end in your
inheriting of your uncle's fortune, there are lots of period puzzles with
interesting and unique solutions. The flavor of the 1950s was very well
captured, not only in the use of colorful anecdotes and descriptive prose
within the game itself, but also within the packaging which, more than
just about any other Infocom game, provided the perfect atmosphere for
the game. Though Hollywood Hijinx is not a difficult game, there are a
few places in it that might give some trouble to gamers who attempt this
otherwise light, funny, and entertaining game." As a bonus, Holllywood
Hijinx ships with some of the most elaborate feelies of all Infocom
titles this side of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, including a funny,
authentic-looking tabloid magazine.

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