Ikari Warriors

Copyright: © 1986 Data East USA - SNK - Quicksilver Software
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Ikari Warriors
One of the most popular arcade games of its time, SNK's Ikari Warriors
was a vertically-scrolling mission deep into hostile territory. Your
mission: rescue General Alexander Bonn, C.I.F. US Forces in Central
America, who has been seized by a band of revolutionaries and held
captive in his own headquarters.Initially packing machine guns, you will
play the Red or Blue warrior (or both, with a friend), and slog through
wave after wave of enemy soldiers. One button fires bullets, another
launches grenades, but both must resupplied every once in a while.
Power-up weapons are also available, including even a controllable tank
(a la 1982?s FrontLine, another arcade hit). Enemies come in all
types?soldiers, tanks, pillboxes, etc.?but also from every direction. To
keep cool in the crossfire, Ikari Warriors gives players a rotary control
on each joystick. With a twist on the joystick?s top, your warrior?s
torso will spin around, ready to fire behind him while still running
forward (kids, don't try this at home). This cool control method is
replicated quite faithfully in Quicksilver's PC conversion, which was
published by Data East in the US and Elite Systems in the UK. The action
was unfortunately presented in limited 4-color CGA graphics due to
hardward limitations of the time, but the smooth, furious action more
than compensates for this. Heavy on the action, Ikari Warriors became a
favorite both in the arcades and on home consoles. To fuel that frenzy,
SNK and Tradewest teamed up again for a sequel, Victory Road, released
later that same year. This time, the Ikari Warriors take on more cosmic
foes, battling rock-headed beasts, one-eyed green men and other odd
creatures. Gameplay remained exactly the same, but the power-ups had
changed along with the enemies. Once again, Quicksilver stepped up to the
task of porting the action to the PC, and managed to retain the
intuitiveness of the control scheme, as well as enhance graphical detail
even with the same 4-color palette. Overall, both games are excellent
conversions of the SNK arcade hits, and are solid precursors to the likes
of Double Dragon and much better-looking Ikari III: The Rescue, which was
done in all 16-color EGA glory. Highly recommended!

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