Incredible Machine

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Incredible Machine, The
Review 1:
Ever wondered about those weird machines they build in cartoons? Like
those enormous mouse traps Tom builds to catch Jerry? I know you all ask
yourself why do they make it so complicated? But on second thought -
admit it - on second thought you wish you could build machines like that.
Just for fun. And this is... the concept of The Incredible Machine. You
are given some materials and a goal to reach. Like have a jack-in-the-box
break a fishbowl for example. With increasing difficulty you got to
arrange your parts to make the machine work. The game is one of those few
ingenious masterpieces and highly recommended for old and young gamers.

Review 2:

Undoubtedly one of the most unique games ever produced for the PC, The
Incredible Machines 1 is a dream come true for anyone who as a child
likes to tinker with gadgets and toys. It is a puzzle game par excellence
and beyond: you have to use wacky gadgets and tools given for each level
to accomplish objectives. Puzzles start out relaxing and get fiendish
very quickly, as later levels require not only ingenuity but also precise
timing. A true classic.

Review 3:

Very good puzzle game, where you have to use several objects and place
them so that you will complete the level. Review 4: This game is AWESOME!
:) I used to sit up for ages with my friend Leonie and we would try and
nut out the hardest ones. For a game this has some dang hard levels! I
canít actually say that I have completed them all, and then we take into
account that there were more games made in this series! There are so many
things you use in this game, such as cats, mice, goldfish bowls, boxing
gloves, trampolines, monkeys and electric fans. You get the idea. You are
given an array of objects, and a task to complete. For example you can be
given a bowling ball, pair of scissors and a balloon. Your task is to use
these objects to pop the balloon. Of course this is a very basic idea of
what you could be faced with. It gets to the stage where you have a whole
heap of objects, a small screen and you have to make the cat fall down,
pop 5 balloons and also make the 5 mice run and the fishbowl shatter ;).
It turns into a real brainteaser. As you complete tasks, they get harder
and harder as you progress through the levels. But there are so many
levels! If you complete all the tasks/levels (and if you do I salute
you), then you can go into freeform mode, and just go hard with all the
wacky parts and create your own monster levels. Very, very cool :D. I of
course had my work cut out for me with the levels and challenges in the
game, but to make some really strange things was so much fun. Hitting the
cat with the bowling ball was fun ;). Yes, thatís right, you can live out
those fantasies of hurting that cat that just wouldnít cooperate when you
were trying to do a level in the game! Make killer levels for your
smart-arse friends that think they own The Incredible Machine ;) This
game is great for making your mind work really hard, and also for coming
up with the wackiest contraptions. You almost feel like MacGyver playing
this, in fact Iíd suggest getting the MacGyver theme song and playing it
for inspiration while you play this game. Also the music would be a great
improvement on the music that is in the game. The music is umm.. awful?
Yeah, thatís a good word for it. The music is really bad = The graphics
must have been where all that part of the budget or the time went. The
graphics are excellent! All the little parts have been drawn so well, and
the animations as fans turning, rockets launching, guns shooting or the
monkey riding the bike are so cool too. Everything is drawn really well
in the game, and the menuís etc are all really cool too. A huge thumbs up
for the graphics! This game is great. It will keep you occupied forever.
You can just keep on playing it, because there are over 100 levels. By
the time you have completed them all and made some fun things in
freeform, you can play it again. I canít remember the solutions to many
of the levels; I could go through right now and end up just as psyched
out as when I first played it. A puzzle game like no other, have a play.
Torture the cat and kill that goldfish. Tease the monkey while at it :P

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