Indiana Jones In Revenge Of The Ancients

Copyright: © 1987 Mindscape Inc
Genre: Adventure

Indiana Jones in: Revenge of The Ancients
You're world-famous explorer Indiana Jones, in search of a lost
civilization in one of the earliest computer game licenses of the hit
movie ever made. The premise in Revenge of the Ancients somewhat
parallels the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, although fortunately with
enough differences so as not to spoil anything for fans of the movie. The
game is a cliff-hanger similar to Angelsoft's earlier Dick Francis, only
a bit inferior due to lack of as many real-time puzzles. Still, it stands
as one of the best Angelsoft releases, and Indiana Jones fans will
immediately recognize both the physical puzzles (most of which must be
solved in a certain number of turns) and riddle-based ones.

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