Indianapolis 500

Copyright: © 1989 Papyrus Design
Genre: Simulations


Indianapolis 500
Review 1:
It might be because I do not like the idea of driving around in circles
but I do not like this game. It is done pretty well. It runs smooth, is
very hard but it's plain boring. There might be some Indy racing fans out
there that might like it but I always preferred and I always will prefer
Formula 1 racing.

Review 2:

Considered the age of this game it's actually quite good. You can choose
almost all the things you can in today's formula one and indycar racing
games. The view is also the same all though you can't change it like in
many newer racing games. You can either practive on any of the tracks,
run a whole race or start a campaign where you race on all the available
tracks. The graphics are quite especially considered that the game is
from 1989 as most games from this period didn't have that great graphics.
The sound can be a bit annoying as the only sound you can hear is from
the PC speaker and when you drive it's very annoying to hear that sound
(I guess you can imagine that sound right?). Overall a good old racing

Review 3:

Drive the legendary Indy500 - either 10, 30, 60 or the complete 200 laps
of the race. A pretty wellmade racing-game. Lots of things to adjust,
while still providing a realistic feeling. The car is not that easy to
drive - give it a push too much and it will break out and crash into a
wall or another car. But once you get used to it it's a fine thing. I
have to admit that I got most of the fun out of crashing my car into
other cars and watch the replay of it - nice feature, you can even choose
out of 5 different points of view. The graphics of this game are surely
not up to par, but they have been really good at the time it came out -
still enough for the game to be one of the better games of this genre.
Review 4: Indianapolis 500 is the first racing game by Papyrus Design
Group, designers of modern-day classics like NASCAR Racing and IndyCar
Racing. It's basically an excellent 3D simulation of the 25-mile
Indianapolis 500. Not a simple arcade racer, where fast reactions are
enough to lead to success, but a - for its time - very detailed
simulation with great graphics, nice music and sounds by Rob Hubbard and
many aspects of the racing-car open for modification. A great classic.
Sadly, the game features only the Indy 500 track with no possibility to
edit or add new ones. Here is some more information from MobyGames: "Indy
500's graphics are simply stunning considering the system requirements.
You cannot find a PC that won't run this game well. The sound is also
quite good; if you have an Adlib or Sound Blaster, the engine sounds are
amazingly realistic. That's not to say Indy 500 is an arcade game--when
it says "simulation", it means it. You can adjust your spoiler, outer and
inner tire pressure, and even the amount of fuel you have in your tank to
shave precious seconds off of your lap. Also, the physics are true to
life: If you enter a corner too fast, centrifugal force pushes you to the
outside of the track, tires squealing." This classic is a forerunner to
Papyrus' immensely successful racing series that continues to this day
with NASCAR 4 and beyond.

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