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Genre: Sports

Jammit is a very entertaining arcade-style basketball game that almost
perfectly captures the flavor and atmosphere of "street" basketball that
is very popular in the US. In contrast to normal team basketball, street
basketball is one-on-one, with no complex rules to keep track of, and
hardly any referee. This means that jostling, pushing, and tripping your
opponent on your way to the basket is perfectly legitimate, and Jammit
does a a great job of translating that no-holds-barred,
knuckle-blistering action onto the computer screen. The main objective of
the one-player game is to win a tournament that has been set up with the
best street ball players around. There are 3 main players you can choose
from, each with his or her own style of playing, including different
strengths and weaknesses. After you choose your character, you go through
eight rounds of play, first starting with a normal one-on-one action.
There are six other games that are variants of this basic mode, including
sweat, 2 shot, poison, slams only, in 2 it, frenzy, and cutthroat. The
goal in every game is the same: be the first player to score 21 points.
In sweat, there are no fouls, and it is winners out. In two hot, there
are moving X's that float around the court-- if you score a basket from
an X spot, your score will be doubled. The most interesting variant is
cutthroat, a three-player game in which two of the players are on
defense. If you manage to score a basket, you get three free throws . If
you score 20 or 13 points, then you get 10 deducted from your score. The
trick is then to score exactly 21 to win the round. If you manage to
complete all 8 rounds, then you will go against the defending champion
"The Judge." You will play at his court-- with HIS rules. There are many
other interesting features that set Jammit further apart from other
basketball titles. For example, each player starts off each round with
$300 dollars to bet with. You advance to the next round when you have
completely bankrupt the computer opponent. One other great feature is the
SLAM CAM. When a player drives to the rim and gets close enough, the game
will zoom into the close-up SLAM CAM view were you can show off your
dunks (or blocks). The players are digitized and animated well, although
they still look no more 3-dimensional than the notorious 2D "paper doll
cutouts" of Betrayal at Krondor. Excellent sound effects, including a lot
of "trash talk" from the players (which you can toggle on or off) round
off this fun action basketball game that all action fans, and fans of
Epyx' classic Street Sports Basketball in particular, will enjoy.

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