Jazz Jackrabbit

Copyright: © 1994 Epic Megagames Inc
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Jazz Jackrabbit
One of the best platformers to grace your PC screen, Jazz Jackrabbit was
a very successful platformer by shareware standards, released by Epic
Megagames in 1993 and spawned a number of well-received sequels. Similar
in style to Earthworm Jim but released years ahead of that classic, Jazz
Jackrabbit features a lovable cartoon protagonist, 4-button joystick
support, well-designed levels, excellent graphics, and funny animated
sequences. As Jazz the cool rabbit hero, you will travel from planet to
planet to reach a villainous alien turtle who is bent on world
destruction. While the game's vast levels, secret areas, and inventive
power-ups already add up to an addictive game, to me the best part about
Jazz are the bonus levels which are all presented in full 3D, in contrast
to the 2D sidescrolling view. These 3D levels make you race headlong
through a racetrack within a given time limit to amass bonus points.
Attractive cartoony graphics and a great sense of humor make Jazz
Jackrabbit arguably the most charming platform superhero... until
Earthworm Jim showed up on the scene. Highly recommended, and be sure to
also check out the game's sequels on this site.

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