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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Review 1:
Joust is a pc port of the classic arcade game. Basically you control a
guy riding on an ostrich who has a lance. You repeatedly press your fly
button and the ostrich flies. To kill the bad guys, who are riding
buzzards, you hit into them and however is lower get knocked off. After
you kill someone an egg falls down and you have to collect it before a
buzzard flies in and brings the guy back to life. I'm not going to get
started about how Ostriches can't fly and this game makes no sense. It is
fun. If you've played the arcade version you know what you're in for. The
gameplay is exactly the same. The graphics are 4-colour CGA, so the
graphics look pretty bad, but they're not bad for 1983. Pretty much all
the elements are here, including the almost unbeatable Pterodactyl. The
best thing about this game is that two people can play together. You can
both play together and defeat the buzzards together or you can take the
fun route and kill your friend (In the game of course). The game is a
pretty faithful recreation of the original. It's just as addictive to
play as the original. If you want a perfect recreation, get it on Mame,
but if you want an almost perfect version which will run on 20 year old
machines (though not windows XP ones) get this.

Review 2:

Joust is a faithful PC conversion of Williams' coin-op and Atari console
classic done in-house by Atari as part of their "Atarisoft" brand. The
objective should be familiar to everyone except those who started gaming
after early 1980s: ride an ostrich around the screen as you joust-battle
the enemy shadow-lords flying on their buzzards. At the same time, you
must pick up the eggs before they hatch into more deadly enemies. Other
dangers include a pterodactyl who periodically arrives to thin out the
ranks of on-screen warriors if things are taking too long, and platforms
that disappear under your feet, plunging you into a sea of molten lava.
The game includes support for two players, and the 4-color CGA palette
does a nice job of conveying all the frantic action and different
enemies. This PC version of Joust does the game joust-ice, and brings the
elegant fun of simple-to-learn-but-addictive-to-play arcade pioneers to
the PC screen. Highly recommended.

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