Jungle Hunt

Copyright: © 1984 Atari Inc
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Jungle Hunt
One of the more obscure games by Atari, Jungle Hunt is a decent PC port
of Taito's coin-op classic. The goal: swing from vine to vine and avoid
boulders and crocodiles to save your fair maiden from the clutches of
cannibals. Like the arcade version, the game consists of 4 stages, all of
which are quite different from each other. The first stage is reasonably
fun: catch the next vine to swing from while avoiding menacing apes.
After this you’ll face hungry crocodiles in the river. You can use a
knife in this stage to deal with them. The third stage has you climb up
the mountain while jumping over or ducking under boulders (reminds me of
the action sequence in Black Cauldron here). Finally in the final stage,
you will face spear-wielding cannibals who are about to eat your
girlfriend. Unfortunately, the transition of this ambitious game from
coin-op to PC screen is not without flaws. Unlike other Atari classics,
Jungle Hunt suffers from ugly graphics (even by 1984 standards),
cumbersome controls, and insanely difficult gameplay. The boulders level
is parcularly very hard – I must have spent more than 30-40 tries on this
level to no avail. The detailed environments of the coin-op and Atari
5200 version are also missing in this version. Still, if you like
challenging arcade games and can put up with blurry graphics, check out
this old game. Note: an interesting anecdote: the original arcade game
was released after Taito was threatened by a suit filed against them by
the trustees of Edgar Rice Burroughs' estate, the people who own the
rights to Tarzan, for copyright infringement for using Tarzan's likeness
in Jungle King, their earlier game based on the same theme.

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