Copyright: © 1992 Freeware
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Kaeon is a little SHMUP that was never finished, with only three short
levels, so-so graphics and an extreme difficulty. It's a little pity
though, because it had potentialities: five parallactic backgrounds were
quite a rarity on a PC in 1992. Instead of the usual predefined levels,
difficulty can be set through variables like the effects of wall
collisions on the ship and the frequency of enemy fire - if you want, you
can be invincible. The Bosses, though graphically shabby like the rest,
are well done, with many parts to destroy before they succumb. Overall,
Kaeon feels like an "embryo": if brought to the end of the development,
the result could have been a nice game. Only for die-hard SHMUPS

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