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Genre: Strategy games

Strategy games

PC conversion - or better said - remake of the good old C64 classic of
the same name by Ariolasoft. Well, the C64 game from 1984 was one of the
first games of its kind followed by games like Die Fugger, Vermeer, Hanse
and so on. Kaiser is a typical historical management and trading sim with
the usual military aspects. Your aim: becoming "Kaiser" of the "Holy
Roman Empire of German Nation" (er, rough translation). Nowadays the
genre doesn't look too appealing anymore, but for some nostalgic moments,
you might give it a try. But then, as it is a remake the nostalgic value
shouldn't be very high. Note: the original German game has been
translated manually into English except some menu items. You can still
download the German original below, as well as the German manual.

Download Kaiser

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