Kings Of The Beach

Copyright: © 1988 Electronic Arts Inc
Genre: Sports

Kings of the Beach
Review 1:
Kings of The Beach is a great beach volleyball game from Electronic Arts
that remains to this day one of the only game of its kind. (There are
actually more recent freeware releases, but they are all arcade-style
games with little regard to rules of the sport). Kasey Chang's review at
MobyGames says it all: "The Good: Simple interface (just 3 action buttons
besides the direction keys!), easy to learn, plenty of practice (serve,
set, spike), decent graphics (for its time). The Bad: A bit TOO simple at
times, as blocking and spiking is mainly guessing (it's nearly impossible
to fake the AI at the highest levels), requires just a BIT too much
timing (it's HARD to just "lob" a ball instead of spiking it, and to jump
for a block at EXACTLY the right time), gets repetitive after a while.
The Bottom Line: KotB is probably the only beach volleyball game ever
(certainly don't remember any other). It uses a third-person perspective
where you can see the whole court from the "side". You control one player
while the AI controls the other. You can pass/set for each other, spike,
block, and do other moves. You can even serve three different ways,
including jump serve! The "campaign" is to win the world BVB championship
by playing in tournaments in various locales (from Rio to Miami to Long
Beach and so on) against various AI opponents. The characters are small
but nicely animated. After getting a point your characters will high-five
each other. A hard spike can cause the opponent to miss a dig and do a
roll, then stand up and brush off the sand... If you win your two players
will do a victory dance. Some of the characters will even argue with the
referee, and maybe even issued a yellow or red card! The controls are
very simple: just three action buttons low, middle, and high. When
serving you get three different serves. When playing low is dig, middle
is set, and high is jump/block/spike. The game is quite simple but quite
entertaining, as you will swear after losing points and cheer after
winning points. The graphics are simple and the music simple, but it is
effective in drawing you into the game world. All in all, it's due for a
serious remake, now that Beach Volleyball is an acknowledged Olympic
sport. If you can find it, it's worth trying for nostalgia's sake."
Highly recommended, especially for fans of Epyx's classic California
Games series.

Review 2:

You play volleyball on the beach, either doing singles or doubles, and
you can also enter in Tournaments. It also had a chance to go and
practise some of your plays, such as the Spike. This game has pretty good
graphics considering the time it was made, and is a pretty challenging
game. I'd recommend this game for anyone that as interest in sport, as it
has pretty good movement and realism.

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