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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Review 1:
Liero is an excellent two player Worms style game. It is different to
worms in that it is in real time. Don't mistake this for crappy imitators
like NiM. This is not actually original. It is a clone of another game
called Molez. Most people think it's the other way around. However it is
much better. You can play 1 or 2 player modes. Both modes are played with
a split screen. You select 5 weapons from a list of about 30. Some
weapons are better than others. Such as spike balls or big nukes. You can
fully customise the game. Choose between different game modes such as
capture the flag or kill emí all. You can also set weapon loading times
which make it either fast paced or slow and accurate aiming. Also worm
names and weapons are editable. It is a very good and has quite a big
community, which means that many weapon and level editors are available
for it. It comes with a basic level editor anyway. Many fan sequels have
also been made, but none are as good as the original. You control a worm
with an arsenal of weapons and a grappling hook. It may seem like Worms,
but it controls very differently. Worms is good in a different way, so it
would be unfair of me to compare. I would definitely recommend this as it
is very good. One big flaw though, is that the computer AI is very bad
and it is very easy to win against it. Also it doesn't wok under windows
XP. But if you have a friend to play it with and you don't have XP, you
should get it.

Review 2:

A really nice game, "An earthworm simulation game based on a real
physical model." it says in the description, well - I'd more describe it
as a game a little bit similar to Worms. Objective: Blow up your
opponent. To do this you get a set of 5 out of 40 different weapons, such
as Uzi, Flamer, Laser and some nice others you'll soon love like I do ;)
Good thing to kill your aggression, play either against a human opponent
or the computer - fun for a long time.

Review 3:

Best described as "Worms done right" (that is, not turn-based), Liero is
an incredibly addictive third-parson, 2D deathmatch style game in
split-screen mode designed to be played against a friend (although
computer opponent is available). There are four game types, including
"Kill 'em all", "Game of Tag", Capture the Flag" and "Simple Capture the
Flag," all of which are very addictive. At the start of each game, you
choose 5 of the 40 weapons provided. That's right-- 40 weapons, and they
are not all shotgun variations, either. These include bazookas,
mini-guns, banana bombs, and many other creative weapons that you have to
use to find out what they are. The game looks a lot like Worms 1 (in
fact, you could say it's a clone), but in my opinion is much more fun
because you play in real-time instead of turn-based mode. One of the
game's strengths is that it is highly customizable. You can change most
settings in the game, e.g. Lives, Health, Reloading Times for your
Weapons, Player colors, and so on. The author describes the game as "an
earthworm simulation game based on a real physical model," and he's not
kidding about "real physical model" bit. The game not only obeys the laws
of physics, but feels real. The "Ninja Rope," (a concept "borrowed" from
Worms 1) really feels like an elastic string, and the trajectory of
bullets follows realistic curves. And of course, I have to mention the
gore, which is definitely one of the game's attractions: when you blast
enemy earthworms, you will see their blood splattered on the screen,
quite realistically. Okay, so it may not be a politically correct game,
but since we're talking about earthworms drawn in cartoon style, I don't
think anyone can blame Liero for cultivating a violent streak in kids ;)
There's no better proof of the game's addictiveness than the fact that
there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Liero fansites on the WWW, and
numerous fanmade levels and clones. One of the best fanmade add-ons to
the original is Johan Otterud's level editor, aptly named WormHole, which
lets you design your own Liero levels, by using any of your favorite
graphics software. He also designed Liero Graphics Editor and Blood
Increaser, two excellent add-ons that I guarantee will tremendously
increase your enjoyment (and gore ;)) of the already awesome game. If
you're an action fan, and especially multiplayer action fan, Liero is a

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