Lode Runner

Copyright: © 1983 Broderbund
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Lode Runner
Review 1:
Mention this game to some old gamer (such as myself) and you'll notice a
small, nostalgic smile on the face. Ah, the good old times... Lode Runner
is...great! You control your tiny little character on a pretty big screen
and make your way to the treasure chest. Once you have it you gotta exit
the level and advance. Easy? Yeah, right. Download this game and enjoy it
for hours to come...wait, not hours - days, months, years!

Review 2:

I remember one day my mother took me with her to work. I wasn't very old
at that time... One of her colleagues seated me in front of one of those
black/green monitors at something that must have been an XT - it was
old... even for that time. From somewhere he got a few disks (don't talk
about harddisks!) and so he loaded up a few games for me to play. I ended
up playing just one the whole time - Lode Runner. It's one of those
simple games that can hook you for hours and hours. Your goal is to
collect all the chests while avoiding the bad guys chasing you. You are
able to burn holes into the ground and if one of the baddies falls down
there you can simply walk over him till he manages to crawl out of it
again. Once you collected all chests you only have to get out and into
the next level. Simple yet ingenious concept. Every level is new and it
will take you ages to complete them all. One warning before you download
this one: It doesn't seem to be possible to slow this down in a way that
will allow you to play this game on a modern computer. You might be able
to get the game itself to the right speed, but the controls will still
be... extreme. One touch and you end up on the other end of the screen
before you noticed a movement. If you got an old XT standing around -
perfect! Get just the right gaming food for it here!

Review 3:

To describe Lode Runner as just another treasure-grabbing "action game"
would be to undermine its ingenuity: suffice to say that it is arguably
the world's first action game that combines puzzle elements
successfully-- dexterity is required, yet at the same time your exit path
(and holes to dig) must be carefully planned lest you get helplessly
trapped. This game truly belongs in the rare breed of timeless classics
that remain addictive no matter how old they are. Review 4: Lode Runner
is a good puzzle-meet-action game. 50 levels packed with action! I guess
one reason I really love the game Jumpman was because it reminds me a lot
of Lode Runner. This is your traditional climb-the-ladder game as you run
around collecting boxes. You dig holes and trap the enemies which are,
well, dumb enemies to put it nicely. You also dig holes to get yourself
through parts of levels. You have to be careful though, because the holes
do fill up, and that will trap your enemy, but it can also trap you. You
can manipulate enemies (due to their stupidity to your advantage a lot,
and also the holes you dig (get strategic with them ;)). Did I mention
the funky level editor? Why yes, there is a level editor, and you can
create your own custom levels when youíve conquered the 50 that are
included. This is a great addition to the game, making it basically never
ending. The graphics were what you would expect for a 1983 game, nothing
spectacular, typical CGA. You can make out everything in the screen,
which is what is necessary. You can see ladders, enemies, boxes, ground
and yourself. What more could you need? I havenít experience Lode Runner
with sound, but expect your typical PC speaker to rock the casbar (or
drive you spare). I totally recommend you have a go at this game. Itís a
classic, one of the best in its class. I have many fond memories
associated with it, and itís just a brilliant game.

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