Lords Of Conquest

Copyright: © 1985 Electronic Arts Inc
Genre: Strategy games

Strategy games

Lords of Conquest
A classic wargame, Lords of Conquest is an abstract simulation that is
easy to learn and play. The game is based on a little-known board wargame
of the same name, and fortunately is a big improvement over that version.
Gameplay is similar Risk the boardgame, with more emphasis on resource
management. Each player takes turn at the beginning of the game to choose
territories, and once every territory has a ruler, the race to conquer
the entire map begins. Waging war is limited to moving stockpiles and
armies across the map, although careful planning is key to winning, since
each territory has its own characteristics that can support vary amounts
of army and stockpile. Planning when and where to move your resources are
therefore crucial. The game's excellent computer AI and interface,
combined with other features that round off the package, such as a very
versatile map editor, multiplayer options, a good variety of pre-made
maps, and varying difficulty level, make Lords of Conquest is a must have
for all fans of turn-based abstract wargames, and one of the games dying
for a facelift. Too bad later conversions to 16-bit systems were mediocre
at best.

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