Lost Dutchman Mine

Copyright: © 1989 Magnetic Images
Genre: Adventure


Lost Dutchman Mine
Review 1:
The game puts You in role of a gold miner looking for a legendary Lost
Dutchman mine. This is based on a true story of a German immigrant that
found gold in The Superstition mountains in Arizona. It was never found
but with this game You may change the history. Now, help the poor guy in
his search and try to stay alive during that time.

Review 2:

A rather interesting game from Magnetic Images taking place in the the
golden when the goldrush was around. You have to start the game by
raising a lot of funds to be able to succeed later in the game. There are
several ways you can do this like getting bounty rewards, poker games and
much more. Your real mission consist of that you have to find a map to
the lost dutchman mine. A somehow different but ok game which is
recommended if you are not into only action or sport games.

Review 3:

A "one-hit wonder" from short-lived Magnetic Images is a solid game set
in the Gold Rush of 1800s. As newcomer to Goldfield, you must find the
map to legendary Lost Dutchman Mine, then claim it for fame and fortune.
There are numerous ways to raise cash to fund your venture: you can pan
for gold in the river, kill wanted criminals to claim bounty, and play
poker in the saloon. A slow-paced game, but there are more than enough
options to explore. Review 4: You start off with some cash, to buy
supplies for your adventure to find the Lost Dutchman Mine. Looking for
information on this game, I was rather surprised that there was such a
place around the state of Arizona. Go figure? So where was I? Yes, you
start off in town, and you have to buy supplies, such as mining
equipment, weapons, food etc. You can make more money panning for gold in
the rivers, being a bounty hunter etc. Apparently there are donkeys to
help you carry stuff, as you are only one mere man remember. This enables
you to take more food. You can also find more food by going fishing in
rivers and stuff. There are always dangers when on a journey to find a
goldmine - snakebites (youíre gonna need a doctor), Indians, and other
people with big guns that want to kill you dead. This is a pretty unheard
of game, and you canít really find any information on it! It rates pretty
well as an adventure game, you should play it just to get it a bit more
well known ;) Review 5: Well, in this game you going to find the Dutchman
Mine. On this adventure you start in a town where you buy stuff like food
and bullets, etc. Along the road you meet Indians, snakes, etc. The
graphics are very very nice.

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