Low Blow

Copyright: © 1990 Electronic Arts Inc
Genre: Sports

Low Blow
Review 1:
Low Blow is a fun boxing game by Synergistic Software. Game graphics are
ok with big nice boxer sprites, even though the animations couldn't be
described as being fluid. Fighting against computer opposition usually
ends up in trying to "low blow" your opponent or in trying to hit him
with special patterns, being different with each of the opponents. These
patterns can be learned by doing a little training session before the
fight. Low Blow probably doesn't play as well as the popular 4D Sports
Boxing, but as the game title suggests, it doesn't take itself too
serious and is fun for a while. Actually, it's completly crazy! :) Highly

Review 2:

Great boxing game from EA sports. "It's in the game!" and that's for
sure. You can play against eachother or against the computer. You can
defend yourself and walk around your opponent and giving him some nice
punches. There are to bars at the bottom of the screen in which you can
see how much you can hold up, but also how long you can punch the
opponent, but be careful, with one punch you could be lying on the

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