Magic Candle The

Copyright: © 1989 Mindcraft
Genre: Role playing games

Role playing games

Magic Candle, The
Review 1:
The Magic Candle 1 is yet another roleplay game. It doesn't offer any
good graphics or sound, but only pure roleplay game. Like most other
roleplay games you can create several characters to your party. The game
interface is rather simple to play as the keyboard commands are fairly
easy to learn which makes the game much easier to play. The story in the
game is ok, but not anything special. Too bad as it actually looks like
the developers had focused more on game play that the "looks" of the game.

Review 2:

One of the best RPGs ever made, The Magic Candle is an incredible, highly
underrated masterpiece that put Mindcraft on the map. Ater producing a
few respectable RPGs for SSI (e.g. Rings of Zilfin), Ali Atabek's first
release for his new company Mindcraft rivals Wizardry in addictiveness
and sheer size. The Magic Candle boasts a very complex story, non-linear
gameplay, and a huge game world to explore in addition to innumerable
neat touches. The plot revolves around you (Lukas) and your party of
intrepid adventurers who have been tasked to seal the demon Dreax within
the Magic Candle which was rapidly burning down. The game has 3
difficulty levels, toggled by changing the number of "days" you want to
complete the game in (easy mode gives you 999 days, hard mode is less
than 400 days). The Magic Candle is a great example of an "epic RPG" in
every sense of the word. The game has so many mini quests (hundreds, in
fact) that it's impossible to do them all, so you will have to be
selective and take copious notes lest you forget your main objective.
Similar to Ultima IV, you will have to do a lot of talking to NPC's to
glean information. What makes The Magic Candle a revolutionary RPG
instead of merely a great game, though, is the abundance of nice little
touches of realism. For example, when you are trecking through the
moutains, the bird's eye view perspective will change a side view of your
party standing at a washed-out bridge or ravine where you have to throw a
rope to cross to the other side. Similar to Wasteland, The Magic Candle
also implements a complex skill system, which is used to good effect to
enhance realism and as solutions to many puzzles. Among its numerous
innovations, the most celebrated feature of the game is the ability to
split up your four-member party at any time. Some puzzles (again similar
to Wasteland) require you to be in different places at once, so you must
split your party up. Different members can also do different things as
time passes in real time. What this means is that you can leave some
mages in a town rest and the rest can go off hunting. This is the kind of
efficiency required to win the game. Overall, The Magic Candle is a
masterpiece RPG that will keep you engrossed for months. The only weak
point about the game is the combat system, which is a little too
simplistic, as well as the lack of on-line notebook to record immense
amount of information). Still, the game offers a good balance of combat,
puzzle-solving, and character interaction. A definite must-have for all
RPG fans, and a much better game than its two sequels.

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