Metal Gear

Copyright: © 1987 Konami
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Metal Gear
Metal Gear for PC is a good conversion of the NES game of the same name,
which is in turn based on a MSX blockbuster (MSX was an early console
system that no longer exists). This is the one that started it all. You
are "Solid Snake," a veteran commando whose mission is to infiltrate an
enemy base in order to destroy "Metal Gear," the world's ultimate super
weapon. Metal Gear plays like no other shooter. Instead of shooting
everything in sight, you must learn to sneak around and evade stronger
enemies or you will get caught. You must also free any captive you find.
Freeing enough captives, and your "vital sign" (i.e. health bar) as well
as your rank will increase. Get the hostage killed, and you'll
immediately be demoted. This adds a fun element of planning to the game.
The game's graphics are excellent for its time, and the interface is
intuitive. The original MSX version, however, had a better story and even
better beginning scene-- a cool sewer entrance as supposed to a
lackluster air raid. Overall, this is a great game, but inferior to the
MSX original. My recommendation: play this game, then play the MSX
version on an emulator to see how different they are. This PC version is
still much better than most action games of its time, but playing the MSX
version is necessary to understand why this series is still going strong.
If you like the game, check out the superior sequel Metal Gear 2: Solid
Snake on this site.

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