Micro League Football 2

Copyright: © 1992 Micro League
Genre: Sports

Micro League Football 2
Micro League Football is one of the true old games in the sports genre.
The game is very easy to play because of the easy menu interface and a
very good use of the mouse. Even with it's clunky graphics, game play was
very easy and the play calling and execution was very realistic. You are
given a selection of past power house teams such as the 1960 Green Bay
Packers, The 1984 49ers, the 1960 Eagles, etc. And with data disks that
could be purchased separately, you could create leagues of any teams that
you had stats for and play season schedules for, and dump your stats to
the printer. Play is based on the abilities of real players so that if
you had the 49ers you could let Montana pick a team apart with his deadly
passing game, or if Cleveland was your team, Jim Brown could grind a team
into submission with his power running. You can pick stadium, weather
conditions and substitutes from your bench. Injuries, fatigue, weather
conditions, and home field advantage factor heavily into the game. If you
are really lazy you can set each coach to computer control and sit back
and just watch the game. This is a very good game for its day.
Microleague Football 2 updates the graphics to VGA and you get many
different sound card choices. I rate them both a 4 out 5. Must haves if
you like to collect football games.

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