Micro Machines 2

Copyright: © 1995 Codemasters
Genre: Simulations


Micro Machines 2
Review 1:
Part two of a great game. Better graphics, more toys to race, more tracks
and interesting multiplayer options.

Review 2:

Micro Machines 2 takes off exactly where Micro Machines 1 ended. With
improved graphics and sound and many new cars, boats, vehicles etc. you
will get many more hours racing around on tables, floors and other weird
places. You can play up to four different human players at a time which
gives you many opportunities do "gain respect" from your friends and beat
them by driving more wild and faster than the other ones. Get this racing
game now!

Review 3:

Micro Machine games are departures from normal racing games: instead of
powerful F-1, you'll race toy cars around homemade courses such as Dad's
desktop or Mom's kitchen, each with its own obstacles. Not only do you
have cars that require different handling techniques for each course, but
in Micro Machines 2 you even get to steer a hovercraft or an helicopter.
There are also different playing modes which include innovative
"head-to-head", in which you get points when you're so fast you drive out
of the screen while your opponent is still in the back part of the
screen. Both are great fun, and very addictive :) Review 4: Cars racing
over your kitchen table, slipping on your marmelade spots, bumping
against your knife, launched by your spoon and eventually, slipping off
the table. You have no idea what I'm talking about??? About Micro
Machines 2 offcourse. Choose your driver and your car/helicopter/boat
etc. and go driving on kitchentables, through waterpipes and much more!
Compete against other (computer or human) players or race in a
tournament. It's an original game, the graphics are good, the sounds are
allright and the game is addicting as hell! One of the best racing games
of this kind ever, really worth the download, check it out!

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