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Review 1:
Mindbender is a unique blend of action and puzzle in a fantasy setting.
The object is simple: rotate the mirrors held by little gnomes to reflect
the ray of spell being cast by your wizard so that it hits every kettle
spell ingredient, and finally the exit door. Like other good puzzle
games, it is very hard to master the game in practice. For one thing,
mirrors rotate at different increments, e.g. one mirror might rotate 5
degress each time, while another might rotate 15 degrees. This makes it
impossible to simply rotate one mirror to hit all the ingredients, and
forces you to construct intricate patterns of reflecting rays. The good
news is that there is no limit to the number of moves you can make,
although there is time limit on each level. The bad news is that with
virtually unlimited number of possible combinations of mirror positions,
the game is very difficult even on the first few levels. Higher levels
put many more complex obstacles in your way, such as a lamp that must be
triggered on, "polarisators," random reflecting prism, locks, and many
more unique objects. This makes Mindbender a very challenging game that
newcomers to puzzle genre should avoid, unless they are prepared for some
very frustrating sessions. Recommended, but be warned of its high
difficulty level. Note: Use A and S keys to rotate mirrors, and arrow
keys to move the cursor.

Review 2:

Funny game where you have to move a beam of magiclight across the field.
You can adjust the beam direction with players in the field, who hold
mirrors in their hands. Addictive game.

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