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Review 1:
A classic game of monopoly in one of its first PC versions ever. Your
ultimate goal is to defeat all your opponents by making them go bankrupt.
You will walk around the board, buy and sell parcels, build houses,
hotels... Do I really have to explain the rules of Monopoly?

Review 2:

Monopoly is a great text-only version of the famous Parker Brothers board
game that offers many more options than most commercial versions of the
game. The most amazing thing is that Adam Stevens, the designer, manages
to pull all this off with only ASCII characters. The review at says it all: "Gone is the slow, almost languid pace of
the original, replaced by a fast-paced, tension-filled battle to the
bitter end (and yes, you will actually want to finish the game!). Like
any great computerized board game, this implementation eliminates all of
the tedious, time-consuming bookkeeping, allowing you to concentrate on
strategy. And what strategy there is: Monopoly supports house and hotel
purchases, mortgages, auctions, property swapping, haggling, and even
cheating, all of the advanced features that make the game fun. But by far
the best feature of the game are the computer opponents, Bill, Fred, Bob,
and Adam. Each one is controlled by a separate AI file, and they each
have their own personality. Fred and Adam are the straight men. They take
the game seriously and they know what they are doing. You can actually
learn a good deal of strategy just by watching them. Then there's
devious, wisecracking Bill, who tries to cheat his way out of trouble
with lines like, "Gosh, is that a dodo I see over there?" Rounding out
the group is the eternally hopeless Bob, who prefaces almost every
idiotic move he makes by saying, "I don't understand this game". It's a
riot watching these guys play; in fact, you could even setup a game with
only AI players, just to see them going at each other! If, like me, you
have ever wondered why Monopoly has stayed so popular for so long, give
this game a try." Recommended!

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