Mortal Kombat

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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Mortal Kombat
Review 1:
This is the game that started the whole Mortal Kombat trilogy. This game
is known world wide, and if you haven't played it before.. well, you
should! You are entered in a tournament, and must fight the way to the
top. It's a do or die situation, kill or be killed. My favourite player
in this one, and throughout 2+3 as well, would have to be Liu Kang,
although, a fellow person on IRC doesn't tend to aggree with me ;-)
"every character sucks except Sub-Zero" :)

Review 2:

One of my favorite fighting games ever made. And one of the few with a
little story in the game as well. You are one of several competitors in a
tournament where you fight for your life. Each round is a fight against
another opponent and the two that survive until the last round will have
to fight for their survival. Each character you can choose from has
several unique and different movements that the rest of the characters
which makes this game very good. A lot of blood are included in this game
which gives the "correct" atmosphere in the game. Download this goodie

Review 3:

One highclass fighting game. You fight this tournament of Mortal Kombat
with the prize being your continues existance. A fight for your life. You
got 7 fighters to choose from - my personal favorites being Rayden and
Sub-Zero. All got their own strengths and special attacks (like Sub-Zero
being able to freeze his opponent, Scorpion shooting some kind of harpoon
etc.). Because of my old 2 button joystick I have some trouble getting
these special moves to work reliable. And well, in my opinion the game
relies on those attacks too heavily sometimes (esp. scorpion can turn a
fight by just shooting his harpoon twice). So why do I prefer Rayden and
Sub-Zero? They both got strong punches and the punch-button is my main
joystick-button. Well, it's easiest for me to punch opponents into the
ground. If you don't have that limitation Liu-Kang is also pretty good.
The tournament starts with you fighting all the other 6 fighters and
last... yourself! Yes, that's right, you are mirrored and have to fight
yourself. I found it especially hard to defeat myself as Rayden (although
I don't have so much of a problem defeating him with the other chars).
The hard part begins after these duels - you get to fight two other
fighters one after another (without your health being restored in
between). If you manage to get past these fights (to my own shame I have
to admit I didn't) you will be facing Goro, undefeated champion of Mortal
Kombat and bodyguard of emperor Shang Tsung, who will be your final
opponent. This is the first action game for quite a while that's been
able to hook me for hours and hours. The fight scenes are very realistic
(for its time) - they were filmed with real actors and digitized for the
game. Just a final warning - this game shows a high level of brutality,
it is not suited for children.

Download Mortal Kombat

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