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Mr. Boom
Mr. Boom is an excellent, near flawless clone of Bomberman, a famous
action puzzler that most console fans are familiar with. Although the PC
version of Bomberman already exists in Dynablaster, what is special about
Mr. Boom is the multiplayer option: up to 8 players can compete via an
IPX network. As in Bomberman, your goal is to drop bombs at the right
spots to destroy wall segments and enemies, find extras to increase your
bomb's fire-range and the amount of bombs you can drop at once. You must,
however, be careful to not get hit by your own bomb's fire. When you find
the exit to the next level, you can enter it as soon as all the enemies
are cleared from the screen. In addition to superb multiplayer play that
features individual fights and 2 different “team” modes, Mr. Boom adds
some interesting bonuses not found in the original Bomberman, such as a
cool “tri-bomb” bonus that is a lot of fun to use (to watch your friends
get plastered, of course ;)). Up to 10 different games can be played
simultaneously in the same network. Mr. Boom was clearly designed from
the ground up to be a muliplayer Bomberman game, because the single
player levels are both uninspiring and limited (only eight in total). If
you have friends who also enjoy Bomberman or similar games, Mr. Boom is a
must-have. Recommended!

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