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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Review 1:
Nebulus places you in role of a high-tec frog working for a Destruction
company. Your goal - get to the top of a tower and clear the way so it
can be razed down. Strange idea, isn't it? To get to the top you have to
avoid traps and use your brains to use the best possible way. This is not
just an arcade but a puzzle game as well. After beating a level you will
go to a bonus level in which you, by controlling your sub, have to catch
fish and earn extra lives. This is a must-have game!

Review 2:

One of the best (and cutest) platform games ever made for any computer,
Nebulus is a fantastically original and addictive gem from Hewson,
British developer of several solid action gems that are virtually unknown
on the PC but massive hits on the Spectrum and Amiga computers. As the
aptly named Pogo, you'll be jumping just about everywhere in this
charming game. Your mission in Nebulus is to destroy eight towers which
have mysteriously emerged from the sea. Equipped with only snowballs as
your weapon, off you go up the first tower... The goal in the game is
simple: all you have to do is climb the tower, triggering it to
self-destruct, after which you can swim on to the next tower. In order to
reach the top of each tower, though, you have to follow a mazy series of
spiral steps built around the outside of the tower. Which is where the
game's amazing rotational 3D scrolling comes in. This great feat of
programming (for its time, of course) allows you to travel round and up
the tower, entering and exiting various doors to emerge at different
parts of the tower smoothly without ever going to the edge of the screen.
Instead, the tower winds like a screw thread through your monitor, and
the 3D effect is very convincing. The further up you go, the more
devilish puzzles you'll need to solve. And speed is of the essence too,
as you have only three lives, and the on-screen counter counts down
incessantly. The suspense is high, as you can't tell what you'll
encounter round the next spiral turn. In terms of enemies, flashing
blocks and bouncing balls can be zapped to add on points, but silver
spheres can only be momentarily stunned. The snow crystals are immortal
are very annoying -- all you can do is run away from them. Overall,
Nebulus has little to fault it, barring a lack of colour in the graphics
and lack of save mode -- clambering back to the top when you have tumbled
from a peak can be tiresome. Otherwise, Nebulus is a great classic that
truly stands the test of time. Rob's review from when the game was at
CW#3: "Classic platform/puzzle game by Hewson in which you have to reach
the top of various tricky towers before the timer runs out. I remember
this one very well on the C64. The pseudo 3D graphics were amazing for
its time, but the game also has original addicting gameplay which makes
it an all-time classic in my opinion. Go figure it out for yourself, the
IBM-PC conversion isn't bad. Colors look a little strange due to the EGA
palette, but the game plays as well as the original 8bit versions."

Review 3:

Another one of those wee cute arcade games that I love. This is in some
ways a side-scrolling platform, but as it scrolls sideways it kind of
goes upwards. Dang, I feel dizzy thinking about it. Youíll have to wait
and see ;) In this adventure you are Pogo, the small green dude. Eight
towers have been thrust up out of the sea and itís your job to blow them
to bits. You have to get to the top of each tower in order to do this,
after which you move onto the next tower. But on the way up to the top of
each tower is where you do the actual game playing. Firstly there is the
steps you have to climb. They all over the place and you have to find
your way to the top. Then there are enemies to jump over and kill with
your snowballs (you must have the coldest hands ever!). There are
annoying blocks and bouncing things which you have to shoot or run away
from, plus other enemies too which you can only stun or just turn around
and leg it. Just to add a bit more tension to your game is the counter.
Thatís right, those nasty folks have made a time limit on how long you
have to make it to the top of the towers and get that self destruct
triggered. Plus you only have three lives so you kind of have to race
against time but also be pretty careful. The graphics are old, but they
look pretty good :) This game has EGA as an option as well as CGA woohoo!
This of course makes the enemies a bit easier to see. And you might even
be able to tell what they are! The sound is typical PC speaker scary
sounds, but as usualy you get used to them :) Itís a fun game and takes
an original approach to that whole side-scrolling genre. Iím not good
with games that make me rush against time, but give it a shot.

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