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Strategy games

Nectaris is one of the most obscure sci-fi strategy classics of all time.
If you like Battle Isle by Blue Byte, you will definitely enjoy this
game. Actually, Battle Isle was very much inspired (although "copied"
would probably describe it better) by the original PC-Engine version of
Nectaris. For those of you who don't know this kind of game: It's a
futuristic turn-based strategy game where the objective, naturally, is to
conquer the galaxy. This is no Star Fleet, though: Nectaris's hallmark is
the "casual" take on the genre, with attractive graphics, ease of play,
with a well thought-out interface and nicely animated combat sequences.
Better yet, the game still has enough depth to keep the player's
attention, as well as many details (e.g. ground Strategy fans will love
this one. Too bad the PC version came out too late (six years after the
PC-Engine original) to attract gamers' attention away from the likes of
Master of Orion. Highly recommended for any armchair commander who just
wants a quick, attractive, beer-and-pretzel game of galactic conquest. A

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