Network Q Rac Rally

Copyright: © 1993 Magnetic Fields
Genre: Sports

Network Q Rac Rally
Network Q RAC Rally is a classic racing sim based on the rally
championship of the same name, held annually in Britain. Despite somewhat
pixellated graphics and awful-looking scenery (especially
cardboard-cutout "spectators" who line the roads), the game is a
reasonable simulation of rally driving through 35 authentic stages of the
1993 Q RAC rally. Multiple road surfaces and weather conditions add to
the realism, and true to the actual rally, you will be truly challenged
by tough terrain and weather on your way to the finish line. Although the
game has since been superseded by two sequels, 1997's Network Q Rac Rally
Championship published by Virgin, and 1999's Rally Championship published
by Europress and EA, this original 1993 version still packs enough
thrills and spills to please every rally fan. Overall, a solid entry to a
"niche" subgenre -- there just aren't enough rally sims around.

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