Nfl Pro League Football

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NFL Pro League Football
This is the 1993 version of NFL Pro League Football, one of the most
underrated American football series in existence. Beginning in 1991, NPLF
had grown into a solid franchise that a small but devoted group of
die-hard fans, even though it was never a commercial best-seller compared
to the likes of graphically superior Front Page Sports Football series.
If you would rather see realistic statistics and detailed options than
pretty player animations, NPLF fits the bill. A largely text-based game
that focuses on coaching strategy, NPLF was designed to simulate an
authentic game of football, using authentic NFL rosters and a myriad of
factors. The game includes a complete record of injuries, substitutions
and trades. You can also create your own roster if you want. The game
lets you draft players from current or classic teams and build coaching
strategies for the computer to run, or call game plays yourself. As part
of the emphasis on strategy rather than action, you cannot directly
control the players on the pitch. As a testament to the game's strong
realism, the game was used by USA Today over many years to predict the
last eight teams in the Super Bowl. All in all, if you love football
simulations, NFL Pro League Football is well worth your time.

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