Nicky Boom

Copyright: © 1993 Microids
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Nicky Boom
Nicky Boom and Nicky Boom 2 are two average platformers from Micro´ds,
one of the oldest French companies in the business. Similar to WizKid or
Soccer Kid, here you control a little kid as he makes his way through
dozens of weird and wacky landscapes. Similar to Super Mario games, you
stomp on enemies to get rid of them, and collect bonus items for higher
score. Also, you don't need to kill all the enemies to win - only to
finish each level. Unfortunately, neither game is half as fun as Super
Mario. The graphics is only passable (and the palette too dark for some
reason), the enemies unchallenging, and the level designs boring and
repetitive. Not recommended at all... especially if you have played the
far superior Amiga versions.

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