Night Mission Pinball

Copyright: © 1982 Sub Logic
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Night Mission Pinball
One of the very few games from subLOGIC that are not flight simulators,
Night Mission Pinball is a surprisingly playable, realistic, and highly
customizable pinball game. Set with the backdrop of an airport at night,
the best thing about Night Mission Pinball is the amazing range of
parameters the game allows you to tweak. You can change the spin of the
ball, the force of the bumpers, and even the table tilt. Everything you
can change has an impact in the game: lower the tilt significantly, for
example, and the result will be like watching a film in slow motion. As
flight sim fans know, subLOGIC is famous for accurate flight models in
its sims, and Night Mission Pinball is no exception. Pinball fans will
have a lot of fun with this game, although it's disappointing that only
one table is included. Note: this download is version 3.0, released in
1988 after the first version in 1982. This version adds numerous
improvements, including EGA graphics, high scores table, and a better
physics model. It's no small wonder that such a fun game could be packed
in less than 50KB of space.

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