Night Raid

Copyright: © 1992 Software Creations Ltd
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Night Raid
Review 1:
Night Raid is a fun variation of the classic Parachute Drop game of yore
in which, manning artillery, you must shoot all enemies that drop from
parachutes before they get close enough to you. Simplistic and mostly
mindless, but fun. For a better conversion that adds interesting strategy
elements, try Three-Sixty Pacific's Armor Alley.

Review 2:

Night Raid is another action shooter and it is similar to a few other
games. You control a single gun that you can turn both left and right
while shooting as many things as possible. You have to survive a wave of
attacks from enemy soldiers dropping from the skies in parachutes. They
come from enemy planes and the faster you shoot down the planes the fewer
men will appear as well. After each wave new planes, rockets etc. appear
to make it a little harder for you but the game really never gets really
hard because there is a very simple tactic that seems to work on any
level. Simply hold down the fire key while turning right and then left.
This way you will always have bullets in the air that can take down
enemies. This also means that planes barely enter the screen before they
are hit. The few soldiers that will make it out of the planes will either
get hit by the rest of your bullets or from the explosions of the planes.
If you are concerned about your score this isnít the tactic to stick to
then as you lose one point for each time you shoot so you should only
fire if you are sure that you will hit as you otherwise end the game at
zero points which isnít a great feeling. Night Raid is a simple but
entertaining action game with simple graphics but well matching sounds.
While it wonít entertain you for hours it can easily be used to
waste/relax for 10 to 20 minutes.

Review 3:

This game is based on the concept of Paratrooper; You play a
defensesystem with a large canon. You have to prevent the paratroopers
falling out of the planes to enter your base. Of course you also can
devastate the planes which are flying from the right to the left or vice
versa. The graphics are very ok, though the gameplay is a bit slow.

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