Copyright: © 1991 Psygnosis
Genre: Role playing games

Role playing games

Obitus is a fun combination of RPG and arcade action that places you in
the role of Wil Mason as he finds himself mysteriously transported to the
fantasy world of Middlemere. As Wil explores the four shires of
Middlemere, he interacts with indigineous characters and objects in an
effort to discover where he is and how he can get out. The game features
smooth-scrolling 3D world and believable plot. Slow plot development and
too many find-the-key puzzles mar this otherwise fun game. Recommended
for RPGers who like adventure-style puzzles, but be warned of some
tedious elements (for instance, the game requires your character to rest
once in a while, and the mazes will tax your patience). Overall, it's
Psygnosis' good first foray into the RPG genre.

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