Copyright: © 1988 Avalon Interactive
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Obliterator is a fun early side-scrolling platformer from Psygnosis that
is notable for being the first Psygnosis game to include music (although
the PC speakers, naturally, pale in comparison to Commodore 64 version).
This sci-fi platformer features huge, highly levels, and great graphics
that unfortunately looks better than it plays. Your task is basically to
run along the corridors of a dying spaceship, looking for spare parts
with which to fix your shuttle (and thus escape) while taking on hordes
of impressive-looking but hardly-animated-at-all aliens. An unusual
icon-controlled control system works well, but gameplay is quite
repetitive, and doesn?t rise above the typical shoot-everything-in-sight
fare that action fans have seen all too many times.

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