Ocean Trader

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Ocean Trader
Review 1:
Ocean Trader is an excellent, unassuming shipping simulation from the
makers of Pizza Tycoon that is virtually unknown outside Europe. As
manager of a global shipping business, your responsibilities run the
gamut from choosing which type of ships to buy, to striking a
profit-maximizing balance between speed and fuel costs. Your banker
stands ready to give you loans at exorbitant rates, and profit
opportunities abound, thanks to different goods prices in various cities.
The game's graphics is the static but pleasing SVGA, and the interface is
excellent (the map screen in particular clearly shows the desired exports
and imports for each country). Although Ocean Trader doesn't come close
to the level of realism found in Capitalism Plus, it is a very enjoyable,
"light" business game that does have a solid (albeit simple) economic
model underneath. In a nod to the real world of shipping industry, you
can also enter into forward contracts (that lock delivery prices for an
agreed amount of goods), and take advantage of special freight contracts
as they show up. A great game overall, and a good alternative for those
looking for a shipping sim with more "meat" than the simpler Ports of

Review 2:

A very well done business simulation. You're the owner of a beautiful
ship somewhere on the world. You can buy shiploads to bring them to other
countries that pay lots of money for them. That way you make money. You
can also accept shiploads from other companies for which you will get
paid huge amounts of money. With this money you can buy new ships and
make more money. You can also put loads in your warehouse and sell them
when their value rises or ship them when their value rises. Look at the
main export and the main import streams of certin countries to look if
they are good for your company. I really think this game is good.
Sometimes it's a little frustrating that you don't earn a cent with some
of the shipments you make, but it's ok. Graphics are fine, gameplay is
sufficient, but I don't know how to close this game (except with ALT -
F4)! Remember to make a folder GAMESAVE in the install directory!

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