One Must Fall 2097

Copyright: © 1994 Diversions Entertainment
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

One Must Fall 2097
Review 1:
One Must Fall 2097 is, in some ways, your typical fighting game. There's
a punch button, a kick button, and an 8-way joystick. You can play as 8
different pilots piloting 8 different robots in the 1 or 2 player game
and in tournament mode, you can create your own pilot and buy one of 9
different robots. So, what makes this different from all those other
fighting games? Quite simply, the game is executed wonderfully. Most PC
fighting games were ported from another platform; this one was built for
computers. The action's smooth, the controls are responsive, and the
graphics are pretty. Characters are well balanced with just a handful of
moves, none of which are overpowering. Things are built in such a way
that tactics actually play a part in how you play rather than just
button-mashing. All in all, this is an excellent game to get if you're a
fan of fighting games.

Review 2:

God bless this game. The best fighting game EVER! (my opinion, but i had
to say it :) This game shocked it's genre amazingly, becuase it was
published at the Mortal Kombat (1-2) days, and was even a greater
succees. The combinations of this game was unbeatable - while you fight
in leagues and challenge other competitors, you also use the money you
earn to upgrade your robot, or buy a new one. You start at the lesser
leagues and climb to the top and reach the Fame! The sound and graphics
are amazing !!! Thinking of combination games, that usually stink, and
has bad graphics and sound because of the invest in the combination, this
game is a phenomenon! God, Download already!

Review 3:

This one's a GREAT game, went on the market along with Mortal Kombat,
those who have tried it in that period gave an unanimous sentence about
the superiority of OMF. The player has the role of a robot pilot, who
must fight in various tournaments against other pilots, each caracterized
in his attitude and in his fighting technique; the combats will take
place in various arena, which are alone a test for the player, being a
desert bombed by planos, or a holo-projected arena where the hitting a
sphere will cause an Inferno of Flames under the opponent's feet. As if
this is not enough, we can custom our robot in every aspect, including
the colour of its sections, or by mounting better actuators to increase
speed or power...this gives the game a rare(if not unique)RPG feeling in
a game which normally would have nothing to do with that genre, and
you'll not be able to avoid the "Just another fight, just one". Plus, One
Must Fall has one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard in a game,
and a graphic of all respect, this one's truly a classic, which MUST be
on your hard-disk, whether you are a lover of the genre or not. Review 4:
One of the BEST fighting games ever made. Period. When it first came out
the response on the action newsgroup was
overwhelmingly positive, despite garnering virtually no attention in the
gaming magazines. Pick your trusty mech and enter the many competitions
to win fame and fortune. Numerous upgrades to your mech can be had for a
price, and the ability to improve your own character, RPG-style, is a
nice touch. Now I'm *not* an action gamer, but this game did keep me
hooked for hours.

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