Operation Carnage

Copyright: © 1992 Beaucomm Interactive
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Operation Carnage
Operation Carnage is a fun top-down shooter that rivals Team 17's classic
Alien Breed in addictiveness and sheer fun. The plot-- if you are
interested in such superfluous "fodder"-- is nothing we haven't seen
before. Aliens invade Earth. Aliens conquer Earth. Aliens now breed
humans like cattle and feed off their souls (okay, maybe THIS bit is a
bit unique). Hero kills aliens. Hero save the day.. again. Gameplay is
straightforward, but a lot of fun: start in a room, mow everything down,
pick up powerups, move to the next room. As in Alien Breed, the fun here
lies in very atmospheric sound effects, good level design, and a lot of
interesting weapons to use and monsters to kill. Chances are if you like
Alien Breed or classic shareware game CyberDogs, you'll find Operation
Carnage a lot of fun. It doesn't advance the genre in any way, but why
fix something that isn't broken? Recommended!

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