Operation Overlord

Copyright: © 1994 Rowan Software
Genre: Simulations


Operation Overlord
Operation Overlord is the third game from Rowan Software, a small British
developer that remains today one of the best "hard-core" flight sim
companies. In this excellent World War II sim, it is your job as an
Allies pilot to succeed in destroying the German forces occupying
Northern France in Operation codenamed "Overlord", the air campaign
leading up to D-Day. True to Rowan's reputation of simulating
not-so-well-known aircraft, Overlord gives you the opportunity to fly the
Typhoon 18, The Mustang III, and the Spitfire IX. Aside from excellent
and varied mission selection and realistic flight dynamics, Overlord
enters gaming history as one of the very first flight sims to make use of
the brand new S3 graphics chipset, which allows doubling the screen
resolution from 300 x 200 pixels to an amazing 600 x 400. The result is a
game that looks good and plays even better. Remains to this day one of
the best (and most underrated) WWII flight sims that was well ahead of
its time. Highly recommended.

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