Copyright: © 1993 Flair Software
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

A great platform game that was more successful on the Amiga, Oscar casts
you in the role of Oscar, a cutesy chipmunk whose task is to find little
clones of himself in various movie backdrops. Gameplay is conventional
platform fare, but is executed in a very polished manner typical of a
Flair release. The game's highlights are the well-designed and diverse
levels, each with its own theme, power-ups, hidden surprises, and
enemies. Thanks to Oscar's all-encompassing premise of being set in
movieland, the designers let their imagination run wild in designing
levels, which range from sci-fi land, to Castlevania-style creepy
cemetery, to Western saloons and beyond. Oscar wears appropriate clothes
in each scene, and even doodles when he's idle (heh, there's a poet in
me) in ways appropriate to that scene. With attractive graphics, great
soundtrack, fluid controls, diverse levels, and the difficulty level that
is just right, Oscar is a great platform game that deserves a second

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